Winston, you’ve been staring at this girl for 5 minutes. Please tell me you’re checking her out, otherwise you’re a serial killer, which would explain a lot.


These are based on the beautiful botanical tattoos of Kirsten Holliday (kirstenmakestattoos).

pansexual fun fact #1


pansexuals will steal your girl, your man, your non-binary romantic partner, your car, your bank account PIN number, and your cat.

True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.


Come and play with me! :P

We started to actually put thing up on the walls yesterday

hallberle asked: I was wondering what lip products you would recommend that are long lasting?

Personally I hate liquid lipsticks and most other things marketed as long lasting; the best advice I can give to you is fill your lips in with lipliner, blot it, apply lipstick, blot it, apply more, blot it and then apply a final layer. Works like a charm and lasts forever. 

a girl’s gotta eat



  • i had two interviews today; one for Bobbi Brown at Macy’s and then one for general Nordstrom 
  • I turned the Bobbi Brown one down because it’s fucking 12-20 hours, no commission and you have to be casper milktoast bland appearance-wise 
  • the Nordstrom one went amazing; turns out they’re about to get a standalone Urban Decay counter and I put in my bid for counter manager and then a regular full time position for it. I also did YSL, Burberry and one other that I don’t remember but
  • urban decay????? yes, fuck yes
  • i also walked like 5+ miles in wedges and my feet are covered in blisters and it’s terrible 


we went out looking for an ipod dock and came back with a record player 😶 #crosley #worthit


Braeden is a strong powerful woman who can take out men within the blink of an eye, looks cute on all occasions, gets to go home to a premium slice of american beef that is derek hale and looks phenomenal in leather. She is my ultimate goal.